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​​The City of Brampton, in partnership with the Region of Peel, has initiated two Schedule 'C' Municipal Class Environmental Assessments for the following roads:

  • Part A:
    • North-South Arterial (Arterial A2): a new arterial roadway from Mayfield Road to Major Mackenzie Drive/Highway 50
    • Coleraine Drive: from Arterial A2 to Mayfield Road (including a possible realignment at Arterial A2, west of Highway 50)
  • Part B:
    • East-West Arterial: a new arterial roadway from The Gore Road to Arterial A2
    • Clarkway Drive: from Castlemore Road to Mayfield Road
    • Countryside Drive: from west of Clarkway Drive to Highway 50 (including a possible realignment at Highway 50)

In order to address transportation capacity needs in the area, a number of alternatives will be examined as part of the study including the overall impacts of alternatives on the social, cultural and natural environment.

The study is being carried out in accordance with the planning and design process for Schedule ‘C’ projects as outlined in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (October 2000, as amended in 2011), which is approved under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.​

  • New east-west 4-lane arterial roadway between The Gore Road and Arterial A2 to provide connectivity for future development lands between Countryside Drive and Castlemore Road.
  • Widening of Countryside Drive to the south from west of Clarkway Drive to Regional Road 50 to limit impacts on existing residential property.
  • A realignment of the intersection at Countryside Drive and Regional Road 50 to improve turning visibility for drivers.
  • Widening of Clarkway Drive evenly about the existing centre line from Castlemore Road to Mayfield Road. Further detailed assessment of any potential impacts to Clarkway Creek will be completed during the design stage for Clarkway Drive.​​​​

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Study Commencement​

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Public Information Centre #2 - Part A

Public Information Centre #2 - Part B

Study Documents - Part A

Study Documents - Part B

 Project Contacts

Jia He, P.Eng.

​Project Manager​
Public Works and Engineering
City of Brampton
Tel: 905-874-5164

Sonya Bubas, MCIP, RPP

Project Manager
Infrastructure Programming and Studies
Region of Peel
Tel: 905-791-7800 ext. 7801

Lachlan Fraser, MPIA

Consultant Project Manager
WSP E&I Canada Limited
Tel: 905-335-2353