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The Performing Arts Division at the City of Brampton uncovers, develops, and promotes Brampton’s unique cultural identity and creative vibrancy through its pursuit of artistic excellence and deep community engagement.

It is the City of Brampton’s vision for Brampton to be recognized as a cultural centre of unique importance in which the most diverse forms of expression and creativity converge, combine, and reshape themselves into an authentic reflection of Brampton. As a city of the future, Brampton’s culture will become the art of the future.

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2022-2027 Performing Arts Strategic Plan

Building an inspiring performing arts community that reflects the spirit and diversity of Brampton.

The Performing Arts division is proud to present our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, the first in our history and an essential component of our business. It conveys where we are going and how we will get there, and aligns with the City of Brampton's broader mission, vision, and goals. The next five years promise to be exciting, and our new plan will provide a roadmap to guide us along the way.


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Media Release​

Rose Orchestra  
Director X  
Dean Brody  
Director X  
Banner image: Rupi Kaur, 2018; Top Centre: Rose Orchestra, 2018; Centre Left: Director X Arts Walk of Fame Pre-Show; Centre Right: Dean Brody, 2018;
Bottom image: Jade's Hip Hop Academy, 2018