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Council passes by-laws at each meeting to confirm its decisions and authorize actions by the corporation.

The ​online archive now provides d​irect and easy access to all by-laws since the City's incorporation in 1974.

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Frequently Requested By-laws

These are office consolidations of the various by-laws passed by Council and for reference purposes only. Please contact the City Clerk’s Office for more information regarding specific City by-laws.
Additional Residential Units (ARUs) Registration By-law 157-2022.pdfAdditional Residential Units (ARUs) Registration By-law157-2022
To require the registration of additional residential units (ARUs) in the City of Brampton and to repeal By-law 87-2015, as amended​​
Administrative Authority.pdfAdministrative Authority216-2017
​To delegate certain powers and duties under the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001 c.25, the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990 c. P. 13 and other Acts, and to repeal By-law 191-2011​​​​​​​
Administrative Penalties (Non-Parking).pdfAdministrative Penalties (Non-Parking)218-2019
​To Establish a System of Administrative Penalties (Non-Parking)​​​​​​​​​
Administrative Penalty (AMPS).pdfAdministrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) 333-2013
To Establish a System of Administrative Penalties​​​
Administrative Penalty By-law 78-2024 for Contraventions Detected Using Camera Systems.pdfAdministrative Penalty By-law for Contraventions Detected Using Camera Systems78-2004

​To establish and implement an Administrative Penalty System for Contraventions Detected Using Camera Systems

Adult Entertainment Establishment.pdfAdult Entertainment Establishment 114-2017
​To provide for a system of licensing of adult entertainment establishments, to amend By-laws 42-2008 and 191-2011, and to Repeal By-law 1-2002​
Animal Services By-law 201-2023.pdfAnimal Services By-law 201-2023201-2023
To regulate the keeping of animals in the City of Brampton, including provisions for animal identification, and prohibit wildlife feeding, and to repeal By-laws 261-93, 250-2005 and 238-2011​​
blvd-maintenance.pdfBoulevard Maintenance and Highway Obstruction163-2013
To repeal Boulevard Maintenance By-law 133-97 and replace it with a Boulevard Maintenance and Highway Obstruction By-law
Brampton Appeal Tribunal.pdfBrampton Appeal Tribunal48-2008
To create the Brampton Appeal Tribunal and establish its rules of procedure ​​​
Building By-law.pdfBuilding By-law387-2006
​Construction, demolition and change of use permits and inspections, classes of permits, permit fees and refunds​​​
Business Licensing.pdfBusiness Licensing184-2023
​To provide for a system of licensing for stationary businesses and to repeal Business Licensing By-Law 332-2013, as amended.​
By-law 103-2020_outdoor patio.pdfTemporary Outdoor Patio Expansions 103-2020
​To facilitate Temporary Outdoor Patio Expansions in an effort to mitigate the effects of COVID-19​​​
carbon-monoxide-alarm.pdfCarbon Monoxide Alarm 275-98
To prescribe maintenance and occupancy standards for dwelling units with respect to carbon monoxide alarms.
confiscatory-powers.pdfConfiscatory Powers 93-93
(Extract)  To prohibit the sale of goods on a highway.
Development Charges.aspxDevelopment Charges167-2014 to 173-2014
To establish development charges for the City of Brampton
Driveway Permit.pdfDriveway Permit105-2019
To Regulate the Installation, Construction, Paving, Resurfacing, Expansion and Alteration of Residential Driveways
Note: Repealed by By-law 3-2021
elderly-tax-assistance.pdfElderly Residents Tax Credit 57-2010
To provide a tax rebate for eligible property owners and to repeal By-law 105-93.
emergency-plan-by-law.pdfEmergency Plan By-Law 58-2024
To adopt an Emergency Management Program and Emergency Plan for The Corporation of the City of Brampton and to repeal By-law 265-2014 and By-law 56-2016.
Execution of Documents by Electronic Signature.pdfElectronic Signature257-2020
​To authorize and govern the execution of documents by electronic signature
fence-by-law.pdfLine Fence By-Law and Procedures 172-2006
To provide that the Line Fences Act, R.S.O. Ch. L17 does not apply to all or any part of the municipality (The Division Fence By-law), and to repeal By-laws 9-74, 115-82 and 190-2004.
Fill By-law 143-95.pdfFill By-Law143-95
To prohibit or regulate the placing or dumping of fill in areas of the City of Brampton
fire-alarm.pdfFire Alarms 279-93
To require the care and maintenance of Building Fire Alarm Systems.
firearm-replica.pdfFirearm Replicas 48-92
To prohibit the manufacture, display, marketing for sale or sale of a replica of a firearm in the City of Brampton.
Fireworks.pdfFireworks 243-2022
To regulate and prohibit the sale and discharge of fireworks, to provide for the issuance of permits for the discharge of fireworks, to repeal By-law 163-2016 and to amend By-law 218-2019 (Administrative Penalties –Non-Parking)​​​​​
Grass and Weed Cutting By-law.pdfGrass and Weed Cutting By-law166-2011
To require the owners or occupants of private property to cut grass and weeds on their premises and remove the cuttings and to repeal By-law 121-90
GrowHouses.pdfGrow House Abatement 361-2004
To establish a means of recovery of costs of police attendances at marijuana Grow Houses to abate public nuisances and to amend User Fee By-Law 380-2003.
Heritage Grant.pdfDesignated Heritage Property Incentive Grant Program 266-2011
To establish a Designated Heritage Property Incentive Grant Program ​
Lobbyist Registry By-law.pdfLobbyist Registry By-law149-2015
To establish and maintain a Lobbyist Registry in the City of Brampton
Lottery Licensing.pdfLottery Licensing By-law121-2012
​To establish a system of licensing for lotteries
Mandatory Face Coverings.pdfMandatory Face Masks135-2020
To require mandatory face masks in the City of Brampton in response to COVID-19​​​​​
Mobile Licensing.pdfMobile Licensing67-2014
To provide for a system of licensing for mobile businesses​​​​​​​​​
Noise.pdfNoise 93-84
To prohibit and regulate noise.
nolots.pdfNumbering of Lots 157-2005
To provide for the numbering of lots and buildings within the City of Brampton and to Repeal By-law 134-97.
open-fires.pdfOpen Fires 91-94
To prescribe the time during which fires may be set in the open air and the precautions to be observed by persons setting out fires under the Municipal Act
Parkland.PDFParklands 161-83
To provide for the management, control regulations, maintenance and usage of all parklands and water areas situated within parklands and properties owned by The Corporation of the City of Brampton for park or recreation purposes
parkland-dedication.pdfParkland Dedication 242-2022
To require the conveyance of parkland or the payment in lieu of parkland pursuant to the Planning Act and to repeal By-law 283-2013​​
Physical Distancing.pdfPhysical DistancingMO 1-2020
​To promote and regulate physical distancing during the COVID-19 Emergency​
planningfee.pdfPlanning Fee By-Law 85-96
To Establish a Tariff of Fees By-law with Respect to Planning and Other Municipal Applications. ​​​​​
Pool Enclosure By-law.pdfPool Enclosure By-law202-2011

To require the construction of fences and gates around privately owned pools sufficient to promote a secure environment and provide a minimum level of safety for the protection of the public and to repeal By-law 95-92, as amended

ProcedureBy-law-160-2004.pdfProcedure By-Law 160-2004
To provide rules governing the order and proceedings of the council and the committees of the council of The Corporation of the City of Brampton. ​​​​​
Property Standards By-law 165-2022.pdfProperty Standards165-2022
To prescribe minimum standards for the maintenance and occupancy of properties in the City of Brampton and to repeal By-law 104-96​​
Public Nuisance.pdfPublic Nuisance136-2018
​To prohibit or regulate Public Nuisance​​
To provide for the procurement of goods, services, and construction (the Purchasing By-law) and to repeal By-law 310-2015
Records Retention.pdfRecords Retention272-2014
​To adopt a new Records Retention By-law to establish a Schedule of Retention Periods for the Records of the City of Brampton and to Repeal By-law 163-2008, as amended​​
Refuse and Dumping By-law.pdfRefuse and Dumping By-law381-2005

To prohibit the dumping of refuse in Brampton and to require that owners and occupants of lands in Brampton keep their land clear of refuse, graffiti and stagnant water

Residential Rental Licensing By-Law 216-2023.pdfResidential Rental Licensing By-law 216-2023216-2023

To Establish a Licensing Program for the Regulation of Residential Rental Housing in the City of Brampton in Wards 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7​

Screening and Hearings Officer (AMPS).pdfAMPS Screening and Hearings Officer By-law334-2013
To establish Screening and Hearings Officers for the AMPS Program
Second Unit Registration.pdfSecond Unit Registration87-2015
To require the registration of second residential units in the City of Brampton
Sewage.PDFSewage 90-75
To control the discharge of sewage into the storm sewage system of the Municipality and to regulate the use of public and private sewers, and the installation and connection of storm sewer connections to the public storm sewer systems and watercourses.
Short-Term Rental By-Law.pdfShort-Term Rental By-law165-2021
To license, regulate and govern Short-Term Rentals​
To regulate the use and erection of signs ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
slaughter-animals.pdfSlaughtering of Animals 179-84
To prohibit the slaughtering of animals for food, other than in a slaughterhouse.
Snow-Ice.pdfSnow and Ice Removal 242-76
To provide for the clearing away and removal of snow and ice from highways and buildings.
snow-vehicles.pdfSnow Vehicles92-93
To regulate the operation of Motorized Snow Vehicles within certain areas of the City of Brampton.
stand-vehicles.pdfStand Vehicles 41-96
To prohibit motor vehicles being allowed to stand unattended unless locked.
Statutory Officials.pdfStatutory Officials264-2021
To enact a Statutory Officials By-law and repeal Municipal Officials By-law 84-2008, as amended​​​​
Supportive Housing Residences Registration.pdfSupportive Housing Residences Registration By-law 254-2021254-2021
​To regulate and govern the registration of Supportive Housing Residences Type 1 and 2, and to repeal By-law 244-82, as amended​
Topsoil.PDFTopsoil 30-92
To protect and conserve topsoil within the City of Brampton.
General Traffic By-law - Index of Consolidated Schedules. Set Fines for Traffic Violations.
Trees.pdfTree Preservation317-2012
To conserve and protect trees on private land and to repeal By-law 38-2006​
Unauthorized Parking.pdfUnauthorized Parking104-2018
​To regulate unauthorized parking on boulevards, side yards and front yards
User Fee.pdfUser Fee380-2003
To establish user fees and charges​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Vital Services.pdfVital Services68-2018
To require adequate and suitable vital services for rental units and to repeal By-law 240-92, as amended
Woodlots.pdfWoodlot Conservation316-2012
To conserve and protect woodlots and to repeal By-law 402-2005​
The Zoning By-law stipulates not only what land uses are permitted on a property but also what can be built as well as provides other regulations such as lot size, type of buildings, etc.