Supply Chain Diversity Program

In line with Brampton City Council’s priorities of creating more opportunities and embedding diversity in our operations, the City is developing a Supply Chain Diversity program for launch in 2021

We are embedding supplier diversity as part of the City’s Invitational Procurement process ($25,000 to $100,000).  Suppliers who would like to participate in this program will have to be certified as a diverse supplier through established non-profit Supplier Certification Organizations such as:

Note: Some membership fees may apply. Contact the certification organizations directly for more information.

In preparation for the launch of the Supply Chain Diversity program​ in 2021, Suppliers interested in receiving notification or interested in bidding on City of Brampton opportunities will need to create an account on bids&tenders.

To learn more about how supplier diversity will be embedded as part of the City’s Invitational Procurement Process and how to become a certified diverse supplier, listen to one of our recorded virtual training session below.