​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Corporate Strategic Plan 2024

We're excited to announce that Council has approved the Corporate Strategic Plan 2024 (the ‘Plan’), which outlines our strategic priorities for this Term of Council.

The Plan encompasses the ideas, values and aspirations of the people of Brampton to p​rioritize six focus areas:​


Health & Well-being:

We are focusing on citizens’ belonging, health, wellness and safety.

Transit & Connectivity:

We​ are focusing on transportation and a connected infrastructure that is safe, convenient, efficient and sustainable.
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Culture & Diversity:

We are focusing on cultural diversity, cross-cultural understanding and supporting artistic expression and production.

Environmental Resilience & Sustainability:

We are focusing on nurturing and protecting our environment for a sustainable future.

​Growing Urban Centres & Neighbourhoods:

We are focusing on an economy that thrives with communities that are strong and connected.

Government & Leadership:

We are focusing on service excellence with equity, innovation, efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and transparency.​​

What is a Strategic Plan?

The Corporate Strategic Plan sets direction for the short and long term by integrating the City’s aspirations, Council mandates, and the expressed priorities of our residents.

Why Does Brampton Need a Strategic Plan?

Having a Corporate Strategic Plan allows the City to:

  • Strive towards mutually agreed upon outcomes and priorities;
  • Demonstrate accountability to community members and stakeholders; and
  • Drive future decision-making.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you to everyone who provided thoughts and ideas about the future of our city! Your feedback helped ensure Brampton’s Corporate Strategic Plan 2024 reflects the priorities of our community.​

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