Street Sweeping

Sand and debris is swept from City roads during the spring and summer to keep streets and sewers clean.​ This prevents materials from clogging the storm sewers, as well as provides a safe and clean driving surface.

During the Spring Sweeping Program salt, sand, and debris accumulated over the winter season is swept from all City of Brampton streets. The Spring Sweeping program includes:

  • All City-owned roads with a top  coat of asphalt, including bridges, catch basins and gutters.
  • Hard-surfaced boulevards and medians.
  • Sidewalks and walkways plowed by the City during the winter.
  • Parking lots at City of Brampton Recreation Centres and other City facilities.
  • Country roads without curbs are flushed and/or swept as required.

The Summer Sweeping Program occurs from the end of the Spring Program to the Thanksgiving long weekend. Summer sweeping includes:

  • Sweeping major arterial roads three times.
  • Sweeping collector roads two times.
  • Sweeping local residential streets once.
  • Sweeping downtown streets weekly.​​​​


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