Application for Exemption from Part Lot Control

Part Lot Control is a provision under Section 50 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.p.13, that regulates the transfer or sale of part of a lot or block within a registered plan of subdivision. An Exemption from Part Lot Control temporarily removes part-lot control from all or any part of a registered plan of subdivision to:

  • facilitate the division of blocks on registered plans of subdivision into townhouse, or semi-detached dwelling unit lots,
  • facilitate the subdivision of commercial and industrial blocks on registered plans of subdivision, or,
  • facilitate the creation of maintenance easements.

For requests other than these common types of applications (e.g., correction of title, a charge, a lease or a lot addition) the Applicant should consult with Planning and Development Services of the City of Brampton before filing an application.

An Exemption from Part Lot Control requires City Council to approve a By-law to allow the exemption. The process of reviewing an application for exemption, preparing the By-law and presenting it to Council typically takes about 6 weeks after confirmation of a complete application. As City Council meeting dates are subject to change or cancellation, it is highly recommended that applications for Exemption be submitted as far in advance as possible to ensure the By-law is in effect prior to any pending closing dates.​


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