​​​​​​​The Outdoor Wayfinding and Signage Program, was introduced and approved by Council in June 2007. It was developed to:

  • Present a unified, consistent and attractive design treatment for all corporate outdoor signage across the City
  • Establish a distinct identity that reinforces Brampton’s reputation as Canada’s Flower City
  • Assist residents and visitors to finding their way around Brampton

​The framework for outdoor wayfinding and signage is detailed in the Outdoor Master Wayfinding Program, Design Intent Drawings for the Sign Type Array. These guidelines address hierarchy and typology to provide sign and site-specific information for consistent typography, colour selection, graphics character and construction methods for all civic signage across the City.

​Recreational Trails Signage

Some of Brampton's recreational trails have wayfinding signage to help orient users along the recreational trails and to nearby parks and recreational facilities. In 2016, Brampton will embark on an audit of its recreational trails and accompanying signage to reflect the amended recreational trail standard. The latest signage templates can be located here for both Brampton (blue signs) and Downtown Brampton (red signs​). For more information, please contact the Park Planning and Development at 905-874-3448.


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