​​​​When undertaking Development and City Capital projects within Brampton, contractors and developers are required to adhere to City of Brampton standard specifications.

Engineering Standard Specifications, included those for roads and right-of-ways, can be found here.

For your convenience, you can download all of the specifications listed below in a single .ZIP archive​.​​​​​

collapse Division : 00 - Design & Construction ‎(2)
00320.pdf00320Geotechnical Data
00610.pdf00610Request for Information Form
collapse Division : 01 - General Requirements ‎(9)
01001.pdf01001General Requirements - Capital
01040.pdf01040Project Coordination and Meetings
01450.pdf01450Quality Control and Inspection
01500.pdf01500Temporary Construction Facilities and Controls
01561.pdf01561Environmental Protection
01600.pdf01600Material, Equipment and Workmanship Quality
01700.pdf01700Contract Closeout, Takeover and Warranties
collapse Division : 02 - Site Work ‎(34)
02050.pdf02050Site Work Demolition and Removals
02071.pdf02071Reinforced Turf Permeable Paving
02221.pdf02221Demolition of Structures
02231.pdf02231Clearing and Grubbing
02232.pdf02232Tree Pruning
02233.pdf02233Granular Base
02234.pdf02234Preservation of Topsoil
02311.pdf02311Site Grading
02315.pdf02315Excavation, Trenching and Backfilling
02374.pdf02374Rip Rap
02512.pdf02512Sports Mix
02634.pdf02634Pipe Culverts
02701.pdf02701Aggregate Materials
02743.pdf02743Asphalt Concrete Paving
02761.pdf02761Painted Traffic Lines
02765.pdf02765Acrylic Colour Surfacing and Line Painting
02770.pdf02770Concrete Walks and Curbs
02785.pdf02785Unit Pavers
02821.pdf02821Chain Link Fences and Gates
02860.pdf02860Skinned Infield Surface
02861.pdf02861Water Play Systems
02866.pdf02866Sports Field Bleachers
02868.pdf02868T-Ball Softball Hardball Backstops
02873.pdf02873Tennis Court Surface, Posts and Net
02881.pdf02881Playscapes, Equipment and Rubberized Surfaces
02901.pdf02901Tree and Shrub Preservation
02906.pdf02906Planting of Trees, Shrubs, Groundcovers and Transplanting
02911.pdf02911Site Topsoil and Finish Grading
collapse Division : 03 - Concrete ‎(5)
03100.pdf03100Concrete Formwork
03200.pdf03200Concrete Reinforcement
03300.pdf03300Cast-in-Place Concrete
03311.pdf03311Impressed Cast-in-Place Concrete
03450.pdf03450Architectural Precast Concrete
collapse Division : 04 - Masonry ‎(4)
04051.pdf04051Masonry Procedures
04060.pdf04060Mortar and Masonry Grout
04200.pdf04200Unit Masonry Stone Cladding
04400.pdf04400Armour Stone
collapse Division : 05 - Metals ‎(1)
05500.pdf05500Metal Fabrication
collapse Division : 06 - Carpentry (Wood & Plastics) ‎(1)
06150.pdf06150Wood Decking
collapse Division : 07 - Thermal & Moisture Protection ‎(1)
07900.pdf07900Joint Sealant
collapse Division : 10 - Specialties ‎(1)
10440.pdf10440Outdoor Signage
collapse Division : 12 - Furnishings ‎(1)
12500.pdf12500Site Furniture