​​​​​​​​​​​​On June 16, 2021, Council adopted Official Plan Amendment 2006-197 (OP2006-197), which changed the Official Plan land use designation on the undeveloped lands in the southern quadrant of Toronto Gore from “Estate Residential” to “Residential”. OP2006-197 identified the undeveloped lands as a new Secondary Plan area referred to as the Gore Meadows Secondary Plan (Area 56). A policy was also added to t​he Official Plan to guide the policy formulation (i.e. land use compatibility, housing mix and densities, road access, servicing, natural heritage system, and pedestrian connectivity) of the Gore Meadows Secondary Plan.

See the Clerk’s Notice of Adoption of Official Plan Amendment 2006-197​​, that identifies the new Gore Meadows Secondary Plan area.


The Gore Meadows Secondary Plan area is bounded by Toronto Gore estate residential housing (2.0 acre residential lots) to the north, the Gore Road to the east, Castlemore Road to the south, and McVean Drive to the west and includes an area of approximately 185 hectares (31 acres).

The Secondary Plan boundary includes lands that are owned by the City of Brampton for Community Park purposes and it also includes the Erinoak Kids Centre for Treatment and Development located at the north-east corner of The Gore Road and Castlemore Road.

Secondary Planning and Community Block Planning Programs

Secondary Plans provide a framework for appropriate development including, the vision and character for an area, urban design, street and block pattern, municipal servicing and infrastructure and establishing the appropriate mix, location and intensity of certain uses for various neighbourhoods or districts of the City.

A Community Block Plan specifically address the extent and precise location of the Secondary Plan elements, including lot patterns, the location, configuration character, size and urban form of parks, institutional, co​mmercial and industrial sites and the layout/function of open space corridors, valleylands, woodlands and other natural features and functions, including storm water management. Community Block Plans are also required to co-ordinate the overall delivery of services and infrastructure, allocation of development priority, layout of arterial, collector and strategic local roads.

A Recommendation Report​ was approved by Planning and Development Committee on September 13, 2020, which outlined the two-step planning programs for Gore Meadows. Overall, the Secondary Plan process for Gore Meadows will be coordinated by the City and the funding for the Secondary Plan and Community Block Plan component studies and related administration will be the responsibility of the Gore Meadows Landowners Group, which will be coordinated by Candevcon Limited as the Landowner Group Consultant.


The following studies will ​be undertaken as part of the Secondary Plan and Block Plan processes:

  • Geotechnial and Hydrogeological Studies (Slope Stability as required)
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Traffic Impact Study including Active Transportation
  • Preliminary Noise Assessment Study
  • Heritage and Archaeological Assessments
  • Master Environmental Servicing Plan (MESP)
  • Community Design Guidelines
  • Institutional and Retail Study
  • Staging and Sequencing Study
  • Planning Justification Study (including Housing Analysis)


The following is a preliminary schedule (key work steps and milestones) for the Secondary Plan and Block Plan:

  • Submission of Terms of Reference and Consultant Team: August, 2023
  • Coordination Meeting with the Landowners, City, Region and TRCA: September, 2023
  • Submission of draft Base Studies [Environmental Impact Study; Stage 1 Archaeological Study; Cultural Heritage Study; Institutional and Retail Study; Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Studies]: October, 2023
  • Submission of draft Land Use Framework/Structuring Plan: October, 2023
  • Initial Agency Review of Land Use Framework Plan and Base Studies: November, 2023
  • Public Open House: November, 2023
  • Recommendation Report to endorse Community Vision, Planning Principles and Land Use Designations: January, 2024
  • Finalize Technical Studies and Land Use Plan: February, 2024
  • Statutory Public Meeting: May, 2024
  • Finalize Secondary Plan and Block Plan and Technical Studies: May, 2024
  • Recommendation Report on Secondary Plan and Block Plan: June, 2024
  • Council Adoption of Secondary Plan and Block Plan OPA: June, 2024

Public Part​icipation

It is expected that at least one public open house meeting and a statutory public meeting will be held to provide an opportu​nity for landowners, the public, and agencies to provide comments throughout the Secondary Planning and Block Planning processes. Public participation is tentatively scheduled to begin in Spring/Summer 2022.

 Contact Planning, Building and Growth Management

For more information on the Gore Meadows Secondary Plan Area 56, please contact Michelle Gervais, MCIP, RPP​, Policy Planner III at 905.874.2073 or email: