​Bram West Secondary Plan Review

The Bram West Secondary Plan Area is based on the secondary plan boundary identified in the City’s current Official Plan. The 2,488 hectare secondary plan area is defined by the Credit River to the north and east, the Town of Halton Hills to the west, and the Highway 407 & City of Mississauga to the south. Bram West hosts a significant amount of the city’s employment lands, with notable employers in the area being Amazon Fulfilment Centres, Canon Canada, and Maple Lodge Farms. In addition to the employment areas of the plan, the secondary plan area also has a significant existing low-density residential base, with growing interest to develop higher density residential uses, particularly in proximity to the intersection of Mississauga Road and Steeles Ave. The area in the southeast contains the historic village of Churchville, dominated by its rural setting, modest buildings and represents Brampton’s single Heritage Conservation District.

Moreover, the Brampton 2040 Vision identifies the intersection of Mississauga Rd., and Steeles Ave., as a Town Centre supporting high-density, mixed-use opportunities for office, retail, residential and leisure to serve the population.

On October 11, 2006, City Council adopted Official Plan Amendments OP93-270 and OP93-271 that revised the existing Bram West Secondary Plan.

The purpose of OP93-270/271 was to revise certain land use designations, road alignments and policies of Chapters 40(a) and 40(b) of the Bram West Secondary Plan in order to implement a revised land use plan and policies based on an enhanced public consultation process.

The City received eleven appeals against the official plan amendments. The appeals are generally focused on the issues of financing, growth management, urban design and infrastructure matters, as well as land use and road alignments, in addition to the Corridor Protection Area west of Heritage Road. Many of these appellants submitted appeals against the 2006 Official Plan.


The OMB partially approved OP93-270 for the lands east of Mississauga Road in the Bram West Secondary Plan. This ​was done by the approval of a new Chapter to the Bram West Secondary Plan known as 40(c).

The next phase of approval for Bram West was for the lands between Mississauga Road and Heritage Road, also known as Sub-Area 40-3. These lands underwent block planning by the City and were approved by the OMB as Chapter 40(d) in mid 2010.

Approvals for the balance of the Bram West Secondary Plan west of Heritage Road and south of Steeles Avenue were to follow the final disposition of the corridor protection related appeals by the OMB.