Two secondary plans provide detailed goals, objectives and policies for their respective precincts within the Central Area.

Having an urban design-based approach, the 2005 Vision document generally identified three distinctive precincts within the Central Area, being Downtown Brampton, Queen Street Corridor and Bramalea City Centre. Each of the Precincts can be divided into a number of Character Areas. The Downtown Brampton precinct falls within the Downtown Brampton Secondary Plan, while the Queen Street Corridor and Bramalea City Centre precincts lie within the Queen Street Corridor Secondary Plan. Ongoing policy work will further define and elaborate upon this concept of Precincts and Character Areas as a structuring element within the Secondary Plans.

Downtown Brampton Secondary Plan

The Downtown Brampton Secondary Plan (SP7) encompasses the historic “Four Corners” commercial downtown and the surrounding residential neighbourhoods generally extending along Queen Street from McLaughlin Road to the Etobicoke Creek in the ease and from Vodden Street in the north to the Main Street crossing of Etobicoke Creek to the south.

Queen Street Corridor Secondary Plan

The Queen Street Corridor Secondary Plan (SP36) includes lands generally straddling Queen Street from just west of Centre Street to Bramalea Road. The Bramalea City Centre and adjacent lands south to Clark Boulevard, as well as the Industrial area from Eastern Avenue to the CNR line between Kennedy Road and Highway 410, lie within the boundaries of the Plan.