​​​Community Design Guidelines cover The Comm​​unity Design Process is designed to encourage the improvement of the overall design of new communities, ensuring that these areas maximize their potential and become attractive places in which to work.

The underlying "parent" document that establishes the general parameters that guide new development begins with the Development Design Guidelines (DDG) manual. The DDG document was approved in 2003 and provides basic expectations for all new development in Brampton.

The Community Design Process was reviewed​ in detail during 2009. The City of Brampton worked with Building Industry and Land Development (BILD) representatives to revamp the process – from secondary plan creation through to subdivision design. The revised process is one that provides improved clarity about the City's expectations around Community Design and should streamline the development approval process. Terms of References for documents that must be produced at each stage have also been developed.

The Community Design Process begins when the Secondary Plan for an area is initiated. The revised process requires that a Community Design Framework (CDF) document be prepared as one of several background studies that are required at this stage.

Following Secondary Plan approval, the Community Design Process moves into the Block Plan creation stage where a Community Design Guidelines (CDG) document must be prepared as a part of Block Plan approval. The emphasis at this stage of the design process is on establishing what makes the area unique – and defining these "Special Character Areas" as key focal points in the community. The CDG document establishes block-plan specific design parameters that individual subdivision submissions that will follow, should adhere to.

For more information concerning the Community Design Process, please contact the Planning & Infrastructure Services Department at 905.874.2050.​