​​​​Development Design GuidelinesIn 2003, Brampton Council endorsed the City's first Development Design Guidelines (DDGs) with the intent to guide future community development from the principles of good urban design.

The DDGs provide a minimum design standard that is expected from all developers and builders in planning, designing and constructing new communities or projects in Brampton. Through the planning and design process, the City will evaluate projects to ensure that standards are met. In addition, through the Community Design Process, developers and/or builders will be required to formally demonstrate this, through the submission of secondary plan, block plan, subdivision or site plan-specific design documents. Documents must demonstrate how the DDGs are being met, and focus on unique attributes or planned character elements that will heighten the overall design of the plan or site.

From time to time the City of Brampton will make amendments to the DDG document to update or elaborate on specific elements. In this regard the DDGs are intended to be a dynamic and “living” document.

  1. Cover
  2. Chapter Dividers (sections)
  3. Chapter Dividers (section Contents)
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Part 1 - Vision
  6. Part 2 - The Design Process
  7. Part 3 - Design Objectives and Principles
  8. Part 4 - Major Block Plan Components
  9. Part 5 - Block Plan Design Guidelines
    1. Community Structure
    2. Open Space System
    3. Street Network
    4. Streetscapes
    5. Edges and Gateways
  10. Part 6 - Site Planning and Built Form
    1. Residential Areas
    2. Commercial, Industrial, Employment, Institutional and Community Areas
    3. Automotive Service Centres Guidelines
    4. Drive-through Facility Design Guidelines
    5. Transit-Supportive Townhouse Design Guidelines
  11. Part 7 - Architectural Control Guidelines
  12. Part 8 - Sustainable Community Development Guidelines