​Heritage Heights - Let's Get it Right!

Secondary Plan Areas 52 (Huttonville North) & 53 (Mount Pleasant West), collectively referred to as the “Heritage Heights Community”, is Brampton’s last undeveloped area, is located in northwest Brampton, stretching from Mayfield Road to the Credit River valley, and from Winston Churchill Boulevard to Mississauga Road. It makes up 1/16 of Brampton’s total land area and was highlighted in the Brampton 2040 Vision as the proposed location for a new town centre – a complete, full-service, mixed-use place with work and housing options.

The City’s Planning and Development Committee endorsed a Conceptual Land use plan for the Heritage Heights Community on July 27, 2020.

The following Principles were created to guide future policies, design, and growth in Heritage Heights:

  1. Create walkable communities for people to gather, recreate, work, and live.
  2. Development should be compact and diverse to achieve walkable and affordable active neighbourhoods.
  3. Implement sustainable and resilient plans, technologies, and design approaches.
  4. Include arts and cultural uses that will leverage Brampton’s diversity and attract investment.
  5. Conserve the natural and cultural heritage of the area, creating a destination for local and regional visitors.
  6. Foster a competitive environment for employment and economic development.
  7. Plan for wellbeing - physical, mental, social - through the design of people-centric spaces that are safe and age-friendly.
  8. Integrate and connect green and open spaces into the design of neighbourhoods while being sensitive to existing ecological systems.
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