Heritage Theatre

Heritage Theatre - Current Elevation 

The Capitol Theatre was built in 1922 and opened on February 28th, 1923. The theatre was used for the presentation of vaudeville acts and silent films. The opening of a commercial theatre in the heart of downtown Brampton was a major event that marked Brampton’s growth as a residential community.

Heritage Theatre - Historic Elevation 


In the 1920s, this two-storey building was considered to be a large theatre of a size that was typically not found outside the major cities. The vaudeville and silent film era came to an end in Brampton when the Odeon Corporation purchased the theatre in 1946. The original orchestra pit was removed and new technical upgrades were made for the projection of “talking films”.


The theatre was purchased by the City of Brampton in 1981 from the Odeon Corporation. The City is currently reviewing restoration and adaptive reuse options to return the Heritage Theatre to the prominent Downtown landmark status that it once was.


To learn more about the City of Brampton’s restoration and adaptive reuse plans for the Heritage Theatre, please contact:


Bernice Morrison, Manager, Arts and Culture, at bernice.morrison@brampton.ca or 905.874.3542
Victoria Mountain, Coordinator, Special Projects, at victoria.mountain@brampton.ca or 905.874.3437