​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Located along Queen Street, and including the historic downtown, the Central Area is a major designated growth area in the GTA and an important regional node with civic, institutional, cultural and entertainment facilities as well as commercial, employment and residential areas.

Central Area Vision

The Central Area Vision is a broad-based, urban design-focused overview of the Central Area. The Vision identifies three precincts (Historic Downtown, Queen Street Corridor and Bramalea City Centre), each with special characteristics and distinct opportunities for redevelopment. The Vision is used as a framework for urban design and policy development, and sets a contextual basis for development applications received within the Central Area.

Central Area - Concept Map

Central Area Community Improvement Plan

The Central Area Community Improvement Plan (CIP) establishes programs to provide financial and other incentives to meet the City's Central Area land use planning objectives. Click here to learn more about the CIP programs, including the Building and Facade Improvement Program, Development Charges Incentive Program and Sign Permit Fee Subsidy Program.

Development in the Central Area

The City is committed to revitalizing and redeveloping the Central Area into a vibrant, mixed use pedestrian friendly area that acts as the heart of the City of Brampton.​​​​