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Crisis Marketing: How to Recover Customers and Revenue Taken by Covid-19

Your company won’t survive the coronavirus if it’s perceived as opportunistic and icky. But you will thrive by being truly helpful.
As the coronavirus ravages the economy, your company needs fast, aggressive marketing strategies to find new customers, revenue and cash. But you need to be sensitive to the times.Your customers need you and your company more than ever!
Join Jeremy Miller — president of Sticky Branding and bestselling author — for a live webinar on Crisis Marketing. Jeremy shows you how to adjust your business strategy and value proposition to find new customers and sources of revenue taken by Covid-19.
In the webinar, Jeremy explores three core questions:
– Who needs your company and its expertise the most right now?
– What products or services can you deliver to solve real problems that are valued?
– How can you proactively sell and deliver your services to the people with the most need?
By being truly helpful, you will not only discover opportunities to generate revenue and cash, you will grow your brand.
The coronavirus is a shared experience. We’re all in it together. Every person and every company, globally, is fighting to survive this pandemic — both for our health and businesses. How can your company be of service?
Winston Churchill said, “Never waste a good crisis.” The work you do now will define what your company is like at the end of this crisis.
Event Date Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Start Time 2:00 PM
End Time 3:00 PM
Fees Free
Event Contact/Host Brampton Entrepreneur Centre
Event Contact/Host's Email bec@brampton.ca