• The Sports Achievement Award-Individual category recognizes exceptional local athletes.
  • ​Recognition will be given to individuals whose involvement in sport has had a significant impact at the Provincial, National or International level. For the purpose of this award, sports and fitness are defined as those activities requiring physical conditioning and/or refinement of motor skills allowing competitive excellence to be achieved.


  • An individual receiving an award must have been a resident of the City of Brampton during the time of their accomplishment.
  • Individuals must attain:
    • ​First place at a Provincial Championship; and/or
    • First, second or third place at a National Championship.
    • International competitors must 'qualify' to receive an award.
  • Championships recognized for eligibility at the Provincial, National or International level are championships awarded by a sport’s governing body. Olympic competitions qualify, however, regional, divisional, district, or academic championships, tournaments do not qualify.
  • A Provincial or National award must be achieved through eliminations at successive levels. Only at the International level may an individual be appointed to advanced standing without qualifying at successive levels.


  • Brampton residents who are temporarily residing outside of Brampton because they are attending school or training for their sport will also be considered for the awards.
  • Self-nominations and nominations of family members are not accepted.
  • Posthumous nominations will not be accepted.​​​
  • Milestones/recognition must be achieved within the calendar year prior to the end of the nomination window.
  • Individuals that have received any Citizen Award in the past four (4) years are not eligible.
  • Successful recipients of the award will be required to submit a background check.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Nomination Form - Individual Sport

​​Please complete the online nomination form and email any releva​nt documents to citizen.awards@brampton.ca​

2023 Individual Sports Achievement Nomination Form​​​​​

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