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Public Meeting Notices

Public Notice4/1/20214/12/2021

Proposed Amendment to the Sign By-law – 2100 Bovaird Drive East – Ward 9

Public Notice4/1/2021

Zoning By-law 45-2021 – Parking Requirements in the Downtown, Central Area, and a portion of the Hurontario-Main Corridor​

Public Notice4/1/2021

​Notice of Study Completion - Lagerfeld Drive Extension

Public Notice4/1/2021

​Notice of Intention to Amend Business Licensing By-law 332-2013 Schedule 9 related to Driveway Paving Contractors​

Public Notice3/26/20213/31/2021

​Proposed Amendment to the User Fees By-law with regard to a Private Property Parking Enforcement Technology Fee

Public Notice3/18/2021

Notice of Completion of Environmental Project Report - Transit Maintenance Facility 

Public Notice3/18/20214/12/2021
​​Planning and Development Services Committee of the Corporation of the City of Brampton​
Public Notice3/18/2021

Zoning By-law 34-2021 – Candevcon Ltd. – 2565361 Ontario Inc. – Ward 9 – File OZS-2020-0001​

Public Notice3/18/2021

Zoning By-law 35-2021 – 2644083 Ontario Inc. – Astenik International Corp. – Ward 8 – File OZS-2020-0016​

Public Notice3/11/20213/24/2021

Proposed Amendment to Sign By-law 399-2002, as amended –Airport/Nevets Storage GP Corporation - 5 Nevets Road – Ward 5​

Public Notice3/4/2021

Zoning By-law 24-2021 – 2185715 Ontario Inc. – Candevcon Ltd. – Ward 10 – File C08E17.012

Public Notice3/4/2021
OPA2006-193 and Zoning By-law 23-2021 – 2639509 Ontario Ltd. – Candevcon Ltd. – Ward 6 – File C03W14.008​
Public Notice3/1/20213/17/2021

​Riverwalk Urban Design Master Plan - Virtual Public Information Session #2

Public Notice2/25/20213/8/2021

Proposed Amendment to Sign By-law 399-2002, as amended – 8177 Torbram Road – Ward 8​

Public Notice2/18/2021

Notice of Intention to Designate - 49 Chapel Street​

Public Notice2/18/20213/8/2021

​​Planning and Development Services Committee of the Corporation of the City of Brampton.

Public Notice2/12/20212/17/2021

​Notice of Intention to Amend Business Licensing By-law 332-2013 Schedule 9 related to Driveway Paving Contractors

Public Notice2/11/2021

OPA2006-192 and Zoning By-law 7-2021 – Ouray Developments Inc. – Ward 8 – File C10E05.019

Public Notice2/11/2021

Zoning By-law 8-2021 – 2128743 Ontario Inc. – Weston Consulting Inc. – Ward 6 – File C03W15.008​

Public Notice1/28/20212/3/2021

Notice of Intention to Amend Mobile Licensing By-law 67-2014 Appendix A - Licence Fees and to revoke By-law 75-2020 a By-law to provide relief to fees and timelines under By-law 67-2014, as amended, during the COVID-19 emergency​

Public Notice1/28/20212/3/2021

​Notice of Intention to Amend Mobile Licensing By-law 67-2014 Appendix B – Expiry Dates.

Public Notice1/21/20211/27/2021

​Proposed Procedure By-law Amendment to Update Standing Committee Provisions (Committee of Council) ​

Public Notice1/21/20211/27/2021

​Proposed Amendment to Sign By-law 399-2002 to provide for certain exemptions in relation to the usage of signs identifying an elected official or candidate​

Public Notice1/14/20211/20/2021

​Surplus Declaration for a Long-term Ground Lease for a Portion of the Lands located at 8870 McLaughlin Road West, Brampton - Flower City Community Campus​

Public Notice1/14/20211/20/2021

​Surplus Declaration for Lease of Portion of 917 & 927 Bovaird Drive West, Brampton