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Ontario’s Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) provides the public with the right of access to general records of information under the custody and control of the City, and records containing one’s own personal information.

The purposes of MFIPPA are:

  • enabling public access to information held by municipalities, with some exceptions, and
  • protecting the privacy of individuals' personal information

Any exemptions to right of access will be applied only to specific information.

Access City Information and/or Records

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• Ask for Informal and Routine Disclosure of Information

Your initial contact with the City should be directly to the department that you believe has the record or information. For example:

  • If you requested Property Standards to conduct an inspection and are looking for a copy of the inspection record, please contact the Property Standards Section directly.
  • If you filed a complaint with By-Law and Enforcement and would like a copy of the complaint, please contact Enforcement and By-Law Services directly.
  • If there was a fire at your home, and you would like a copy of the Fire Occurrence Report, please contact Fire & Emergency Services directly.
  • If you have questions about a Recreation program, please check the Recreational Activities information provided on this site.

The individual departments will be able to advise you as follows:

  • Whether the record is available for release to you as informal and routine disclosure
  • If there are any applicable user fees for the information under the City’s User Fee By-Law
  • Whether it will be necessary for you to submit a formal access request to the City FOI & Privacy Coordinator, due to potential legislative exemptions which may apply.

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There is a "Search" box at the top of each page to help you find information on this site; for example,
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You may want to review descriptions in the Records Retention By-law to see what types of records and information may be available from the City of Brampton.

Review a summary of each level of government's responsibilities  to determine if your enquiry should be re-directed to a different level of government.

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• Submit a Formal Request to the City under MFIPPA

Individuals wanting to submit a formal request for information under MFIPPA may contact the City’s Freedom of Information & Privacy Coordinator.  You'll find contact information at the bottom of the page.

Formal requests must be made in writing or using the MFIPPA Access Form, and accompanied by a $5.00 application fee. If paying by cheque, make cheque payable to the City of Brampton.


  • Application Fee  –  $5.00 
  • Search Time  –   $7.50 per fifteen minutes
  • Records Preparation –  $7.50 per fifteen minutes 
  • Photocopying –   $0.20 per page
  • Floppy disks  –   $10.00 per disk
  • Computer Programming  – $15.00 per fifteen minutes
  • Shipping Costs    
  • Appeal Fee – Personal Information $10.00
  • Appeal Fee – General Information $25.00 

When Can I Expect a Response to my Formal Request?

MFIPPA provides that a response to the formal information request  be given within 30 days.  An extension of time is permitted if it is reasonable.  An example would be if a very large numbers of records are needed to be accessed and reviewed to determine if information is available in response to the request.

Building Division Records

The Building Division also accepts MFIPPA requests  related strictly  to  building/structure/property related records such as building permit applications, building code inspection reports, occupancy permits, grading plans, etc. Only individuals who own the property in question, or who provide proof of written consent from the property owner, may make a request directly to the Building Division.  The $5.00 formal access fee is applicable, and additional reproduction charges will apply in accordance with the City’s User Fee By-Law.

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Legislative Exemptions May Restrict Access to Records

The following is a list of information that may be exempt under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and therefore may not be eligible for access by the public.

  • Draft by-laws, closed session meeting agendas and minutes
  • Advice or recommendations - e.g., Management advice or recommendations to Council where the purpose is to suggest a course of action that will ultimately be accepted or rejected by Council, including labour relations
  • Law enforcement - e.g., if the disclosure can reasonably be expected to interfere with an investigation
  • Relations with government - e.g., confidential communications to a city department from a Federal or Provincial Government Ministry
  • Third-party information - information that may reveal a trade secret, scientific, technical, commercial, financial or labour relations, that has been supplied in confidence implicitly or explicitly, if the disclosure could reasonably be expected to:
    • prejudice significantly the competitive position or interfere significantly with the contractual or other negotiations of a person, group of persons, or organization;
    • result in similar information no longer being supplied to the City, where it is in the public interest that similar information continue to be supplied;
    • result in undue loss of gain to any person, group, committee or financial institution agency;
    • information supplied from conciliation officer, mediator, labour relations officers or other person appointed to resolve a labour relations dispute.
  • Economic and other interests - e.g., instructions to be followed for contract negotiations
  • Solicitor-client privilege - e.g., legal advice provided by city solicitor
  • Danger to health or safety - e.g., where disclosure may seriously threaten the health and safety of another individual, and for which there must be a reasonable basis that harm will result from the disclosure
  • Personal privacy - e.g., your name and contact information
  • Information already available or soon to be published - e.g., Council agenda’s and minutes.

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Freedom of Information & Privacy Coordinator
Corporate Services
2 Wellington Street West
Brampton, Ontario  L6Y 4R2
Telephone: 905-874-2745
Fax:  905-874-2119


Please contact other levels of government directly for information about the services each provides.

Region of Peel    |   Province of Ontario    |  Government of Canada


summary of each level of government's responsibilities  is available to help you direct your request to the appropriate level of government.   

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