Two-Unit Dwellings

Second units are permitted in detached, semi-detached and townhouse dwellings, subject to zoning requirements and restrictions. In order to be legal, second units must be registered with the City of Brampton.

A second unit is a self-contained residential unit located within a house.  The unit may be in any part of the house, including the basement.  Second units provide an affordable housing option for many people in Brampton. These policies are intended to make units safe, legal and livable.


Why does my second unit need to be registered?

Completing the one-time registration process ensures a second unit meets all requirements under the Ontario Building Code or Fire Code, Electrical Safety Authority and local Zoning By-law.

A registration system also helps the City identify the location of second units. This information is shared with Brampton Fire; in case of emergency, they will know there is a second unit in your house before they even arrive. This can save precious seconds in a life-or-death situation.


Two-Unit Dwelling Registration Process

  • Zoning By-Law Compliance

  • Registration and Permit Process

    • STEP 1: Apply for registration and building permit for the creation of a two-unit dwelling.
      Submission requirements include:
      • A completed Application for Registration and Change of Use Building Permit, Two-Unit Dwelling
      • Payment of registration fee
        • $700 (owner occupied)
        • $1,200 (investment property)
      • Legal survey of the property
      • Three complete sets of the drawings, prepared in accordance with generally accepted architectural and engineering practices
    • STEP 2: Complete construction and call for inspections.
    • STEP 3: Finalize Registration.