​​​​​The City’s Zoning By-law restricts the height of a fence in the rear or side yard to a maximum of 2 metres (6 feet, 6 inches). In the front yard a fence may not exceed a height of 1 metre (39 inches). On a corner lot, the front lot line is defined as the shortest lot line facing the street. Please contact Zoning Services at ZoningInquiries@brampton.ca to find out how high you can build a fence on your property.

The zoning by-law further restricts the height of fences on a corner lot. The City restricts fences on corner lots so that pedestrians and drivers can see over the fence to provide clear visibility around the corner.

While the City does not require that you to get a permit to build a fence, you should make sure th​at you don’t inadvertently build your fence on a neighbour’s or the City’s property. The City’s Division Fence By-law 172-2006 addresses disputes where neighbouring property owners cannot agree on property line fencing.​

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