Building Division Homeowners and Residential Contractors Welcome to the residential building permit page. The following information has been provided to guide you through the application experience... 

If you are planning to construct an addition to your home or a new/replacement dwelling your plans may be affected by the Mature Neighbourhood requirements. Click here for more information about whether the Mature Neighbourhood provisions apply to your project.

General Information

Please click on one of the following links for general information:

Permit Application Process

Step 1Check Your Zoning

  1. Check to see if your project will comply with the requirements of the Zoning By-Law (distance from property lines, maximum lot coverage etc.)
  2. Check to see if you require approvals from any external agencies such as a Conservation Authority or Heritage Committee. 
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Step 2Choose an Application Stream

Planning Ahead?  Make Use of the Standard Permit Application Service.

The Standard Permit Application Service is available for all home renovation projects.  Through this service the Building Division will provide a review of your application within 10 business days.  Click "View More" to review the available application packages and associated fees.

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Step 3Check for Other Required Approvals

Approvals from other departments or agencies may be required before the Building Division can accept an application for or issue a building permit.

Submit Your Application

Electronic submission of permit applications are now being accepted for the following Residential Permits:

The Building Division will be accepting payments ONLY through online for permit applications submitted online on or after December 1st.
Permits for construction of new homes, miscellaneous alterations and additions to existing homes as well as a change
of use permit to add a second unit within a home. 
See the Submission Requirements guide prior to starting your online application.
For all other inquiries please contact the Building Division at building.inquiries@brampton.ca

Call For Inspections

Once your application has been approved you will be called to pick up your permit, your permit is not issued until you have picked it up and paid any outstanding fees.  The permit must be issued in order for you to book inspections.  Please visit the Inspections Page for details on when and how to book your inspections.