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Zoning By-Law​

By-law 270-2004, as amended, is the City of Brampton’s comprehensive Zoning By-Law.  The Zoning By-Law contains provisions that regulate the use, size, height, and location of buildings and structures on all properties within the City.  The provisions of the by-law will specify the permitted uses (e.g. commercial or residential) and the required standards (e.g. building size and location) in each zone.  The goal of the City’s Zoning By-Law is to create harmonious neighbourhoods and communities by ensuring that adjacent land uses are compatible and by setting regulations that govern built form.  

To review the Zoning By-Law online, please click here.

General Information

Driveways  Fences Sheds and Accessory Structures  Decks and Porches and Patios 
Driveways Fences

Sheds and Accessory Structures

Decks, Porches and Patios

Boats and Trailers Oversized Motor Vehicles Pools
Boats and Trailers Oversized Motor Vehicles Pools Mature Neighbourhood​

Second Units (Basement Apartments)

A second unit is a self-contained apartment unit consisting of a room or rooms in a detached, semi-detached or townhouse dwelling. The unit may be in any part of the house, not just the basement. These apartments are sometimes referred to as granny flats, nanny suites, in-law suites or accessory apartments.

On April 22, 2015, Council approved requirements and restrictions to regulate the creation of a Second Unit.  Registration of two-unit dwellings will begin on June 22, 2015.  The addition of a second unit will be permitted if the dwelling complies with the Zoning By-law, Building Code and/or Fire Code.

To review the Registration Process and Registration By-Law passed by Council click below:

Making a Complaint

All complaints regarding zoning and the use of property will be investigated by the City’s By-law Enforcement Division.  If you have a concern about compliance with the zoning by-law and wish to have our By-Law Enforcement Division investigate a particular property, please call 311 if you are in Brampton or dial 905-458-3424 from anywhere.  You may also e-mail your concerns to enforcement@brampton.ca.  To link to the City’s By-Law Enforcement website, please click here.

Applying for a Variance or Exception

There may be a circumstance where a property owner wishes to ask for an exception to a requirement of the zoning by-law.  To do this you must apply for a minor variance through the Committee of Adjustment process.  The Committee of Adjustment is an autonomous tribunal that operates under the authority of the Planning Act, to review and make decisions on applications for exceptions to the zoning by-law and land division.  For more information about the Committee of Adjustment or to make an application for variance please click here.

Zoning Information Online  

To view the City's Zoning By-law online please access the following link:  Zoning Online.