Three-Unit Dwelling Registration Process

  • STEP 1: Ensure you are following the Zoning By-Law
  • STEP 2: Apply online for a building permit. Submission requirements include:
    • A completed Application for Registration and Change of Use Building Permit, Three-Unit Dwelling
    • Payment of $200 registration fee, $400 registration fee if applying for the second unit and third unit together
    • Payment deposit of $438.97 or $1,521.40 deposit fee if applying for the second and third units together
    • Legal survey of the property
    • Complete sets of the drawings, prepared in accordance with generally accepted architectural and engineering practices
    • Read the Submission Requirements prior to starting your online application.
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  • STEP 3: At issuance of the permit, a payment fee balance may be applicable.
  • STEP 4: Complete construction and book inspections as required.
    Occupancy inspections of the second and third unit can be granted separately. All other inspections must be booked together.
  • STEP 5: Email ESA Certificate from the Electrical Safety Authority to and we will finalize your registration. Completing the registration process ensures a third unit meets all requirements under the Ontario Building Code or Fire Code, Electrical Safety Authority and local Zoning By-Law. A registration system also helps the City identify the location of third units.