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Culture Master Plan

In June 2018, the City of Brampton's Council unanimously endorsed the City's first Culture Master Plan. Read more on the Plan.


​Cultural Services leverages arts, culture and creative expression to build​ a vibrant and cohesive community, advance economic development, and support Brampton’s urban and neighbourhood transformation.

We strive to be connected and engaged cultural leaders, elevating the lived experience for residents and driving community attachment, facilitating opportunity and promoting our local creators, and amazing our visitors with the unrealized abundance that Brampton has to offer.​


Brampton is a city where boundaries between cultural activities and creative entrepreneurship are blurred; bold and unabashed artistic and entrepreneurial activities take place in the context of an interconnected creative ecology. This creative ecology not only produces high-quality artistic expression, but also youthful, cutting-edge, silobusting creativity expressed in both formal and informal ways.

Culture in Brampton is led by the creative community and supported by private and public sponsors. A crossroads of world cultures, Brampton is a place where experimentation thrives and where emerging forms of cultural expression are nurtured. With its energetic and experimental cultural scene, it is a place attractive to new residents, entrepreneurs, employers and visitors. 

Guiding Principles

​​The Culture Master Plan​ has been developed under the auspices of the City of Brampton’s Cultural Services Division. Cultural Services is mandated to pursue the vision identified in the Culture Master Plan by allocating the required resources and implementing the necessary actions to achieve its goals.

The division operates according to the following guiding principles: