Tourism Strategy

The City of Brampton is pleased to announce that a five-year tourism strategy to guide the development of the City as an emerging destination and cultural hotspot has begun. We are engaging with experts from Bannikin Travel & Tourism and the Culinary Tourism Alliance to create a strong framework for tourism in Brampton.

The tourism strategy will address Brampton’s short and long-term growth, focusing on economic recovery and hyperlocal/local initiatives aligning with the City’s Economic Recovery Strategy. A goal is to identify opportunities to increase domestic tourism which is expected to be a significant contributor to Ontario’s short-term economic recovery.

The launch of the strategy work aligns with the City’s Culture Master Plan and the recently approved Economic Recovery Strategy​ that each recognize the importance of arts, culture and tourism as a cornerstone of a resilient and competitive Brampton.



Resident Engagement Update

​Brampton completes resident engagement. Click here to learn more about the discussion findings.

Media Release

Brampton announces the development of a 5-year tourism strategy.  ​

Visitor Survey

Visitor Survey

The Tourism Team would love to hear from Brampton Visitors! Have firends or family visiting or are you visiting Brampton? We want to hear from you. Please take the survey.
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#SafeTravels Stamp & Post Promise

#SafeTravels Stamp & Post Promise

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in cooperation with the provincial government has created a self-certified Safe Travel Stamp based on worldwide industry protocols the WTTC has put together for every aspect of the hospitality and tourism sector.
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