Tourism Strategy

The City of Brampton is pleased to announce that a five-year tourism strategy to guide the development of the City as an emerging destination and cultural hotspot has begun. We are engaging with experts from Bannikin Travel & Tourism and the Culinary Tourism Alliance to create a strong framework for tourism in Brampton.

The tourism strategy will address Brampton’s short and long-term growth, focusing on economic recovery and hyperlocal/local initiatives aligning with the City’s Economic Recovery Strategy. A goal is to identify opportunities to increase domestic tourism which is expected to be a significant contributor to Ontario’s short-term economic recovery.

The launch of the strategy work aligns with the City’s Culture Master Plan and the recently approved Economic Recovery Strategy​ that each recognize the importance of arts, culture and tourism as a cornerstone of a resilient and competitive Brampton.



Resident Engagement Update

​Brampton completes first resident engagement. Click here to learn more about the discussion findings.

Media Release

Brampton announces the development of a 5-year tourism strategy.  ​

Resident Survey

Resident Survey

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Resident Interviews

Resident Interviews

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Public Consultation

Public Consultation

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