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A vision for the Future of Tourism in Brampton


The Brampton Tourism Strategy, the City’s first Council approved strategy, is a five-year plan to guide the development of Brampton as an emerging destination and cultural hotspot. The strategy addresses Brampton’s short and long-term growth, focusing on economic recovery as well as local and regional initiatives that align with the Economic Recovery Strategy and the Culture Master Plan.

Five Year Vision

Brampton is a developing tourism destination that celebrates its distinct multiculturalism and radiates pride of place through its engaged and dynamic resident-base. Visitors to Brampton are delighted by the range of arts and cultural activities, special events, food-based experiences and sport tourism events available to enjoy.

Tourism in Brampton is developed and managed through a collaborative stakeholder driven process that ensures the City’s true authentic self and shared values are wellrepresented to the world, and that tourism in Brampton helps to improve the wellness of residents, businesses, visitors and the environment.

Tourism Development Streams

Brampton has four distinct areas of growth that represent the most potential to develop into the main demand generators for Brampton’s visitor economy, and have each been given special analysis as to how best to accomplish this. These areas of growth are:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Food Tourism
  • Special Events & Attractions
  • Sport Tourism

Key Priority Areas

Four Key Priority Areas (KPA) were identified as fundamental in supporting sustainable growth for Brampton as a tourist destination. These KPAs provide 29 over arching recommendations for the implementation of the strategy and include:

  • Fostering Pride of Place
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Leveraging Tourism Development Streams
  • Infrastructure & Management

The full Brampton Tourism Strategy is available to download​.​​​


Media Release

​City introduces Brampton’s new tourism brand during Tourism Week​.

Brampton Tourism Strategy

​A Vision for the Future of Tourism in Brampton

Media Release

City Council approves new action plan for expanding tourism in Brampton

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