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​​Brampton Plan

Your City. our Future.
Brampton Plan - Official Plan Re​view

Starting in late 2019, the City of Brampton began developing a new Official Plan “Brampton Plan”.

Following extensive public engagement in the Fall ​of 2017, the Brampton 2040 Vision​ was endorsed by Council in May 2018. This Vision depicts a more sustainable, urban, and vibrant future for the City. The Term of Council Priorities​ outline key steps to move Brampton towards this future.

Brampton Plan is a critical part of this process, and the new Official Plan will provide direction to ensure all City planning, projects and development are working together efficiently to achieve the aspirations of the Brampton 2040 Vision.

The work plan has five phases that extend over two years to Q4 2021, with multiple opportunities for residents to engage with the City and shape the future of Brampton’s growth.


What is an Official Plan?

It’s the overarching plan that helps manage how Brampton grows and develops. It guides the location and type of housing, industry, offices and shops, as well as the infrastructure needed to support a growing city – including streets, parks, transit, schools and recreational facilities.

Why are we undertaking this project?

Our Official Plan is a legal document that must conform to, and be consistent with, provincial and regional plans. An Official Plan guides how a city grows and develops. Brampton Plan impacts everything around you including:

  • making the public aware of the municipality’s general land use planning policies
  • ensuring growth is coordinated and meet or needs
  • helps all Bramptonians understand how their land may be used now and, in the future
  • helps decide where roads, watermains, sewers, garbage dumps, parks and other services will be built
  • provides a framework for establishing municipal zoning bylaws to set local regulations and standards, like the size of lots and height of buildings
  • provides a way to evaluate and settle conflicting land uses while meeting local, regional, and provincial interests
  • shows Brampton Council’s commitment to the future growth of our community
​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​


Our Vision is the long-term goal for our city.

Learn about the 2040 Vision

Questions or comments? Contact:
Andrew McNeill, Manager, Official Plan and Growth Management
City Planning & Design