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September is Tree Month!

​Find out more about what Brampton has planned to celebrate our fantastic tree canopy! 

Managing Spongy Moth (LDD Moth)

To control the population growth and protect vulnerable trees from defoliation, the City of Brampton is taking on additional measures as part of an Integrated Pest Management program. Click here​ for more details.​

Tree brochure now available!

​Check out our  tree brochure​ for tips on tree planting, tree care, and native trees.

Have You Recently Planted a Tree? Let us Know!

As part of the Brampton One Million Trees program, the City launched an online tree planting tracker map to help monitor and report progress toward achieving the goal of one million new tree​s in Brampton by 2040. Check out the map below to see where people have planted trees starting in 2020. If you've recently planted a tree, click here to record it on the map.