City Departments

City of Brampton Corporate Organization Chart​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mayor and Council

Mayor Patrick Brown

Internal Audit

  • City Clerk
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Communications
  • Strategic Development

Corporate Services

Joseph Pittari
  • Enforcement and By-Law Services
  • Finance
  • Digital Innovation and IT
  • Legal Services
  • Purchasing
  • Court Administration

Community Services

Derek Boyce
  • Animal Services
  • Building Design and Construction
  • Facilities Operations and Maintenance
  • Realty Services
  • Recreation
  • Service Brampton

Public Works and Engineering

Jasbir Raina
  • Capital Works
  • Environment and Development Engineering
  • Parks Maintenance and Forestry
  • Road Maintenance, Operations and Fleet
  • Transportation Special Projects

Planning and Development Services

Richard Forward
  • Building
  • Development Services
  • Policy Planning
  • Transportation Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Community Innovation and Resilience

Economic Development and Culture

Clare Barnett
  • Cultural Services
  • Economic Development

Fire and Emergency Services

Bill Boyes

Brampton Transit

General Manager
Alex Milojevic