Housing Brampton

With an average annual population growth rate of 4.0% between 2001 and 2016, the City of Brampton has been one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada. As Brampton continues to grow, safe and adequate housing is key to providing physical, economic and social well-being for our residents. However, in Brampton and other cities across the Greater Toronto Area, finding affordable housing continues to be a challenge for many.

Housing Brampton is Brampton’s comprehensive housing strategy that will help us to improve housing affordability, add more diverse types of housing to our housing stock and use innovative approaches to address our housing needs.

​The Strategy will result in recommendations for policy and process changes, in accordance with the City’s Vision 2040, Term of Council Priorities, the Provincial Policy Statement and the Provincial Growth Plan.

Housing Brampton’s work plan was endorsed by City Council in 2017, which directed the Strategy to serve as a road map to increase the supply of rental and affordable ownership units. Housing Brampton will provide a “made in Brampton” approach that looks at local housing preferences and demographics​, like the contrast between Brampton’s young and aging populations, and the current trend toward multi-generational households.

While the Region of Peel is the local housing service provider, the City is responsible for land use planning. The City is working with residents, builders and developers, community stakeholders, and other levels of government to develop a strategy responding to the current and future housing needs of Brampton residents.


Pilot Concierge Program for Affordable Housing

Recently launched pilot program to assist affordable housing developers to navigate through site selection, funding, incentives, partnership and approvals processes.

Region of Peel's 'My Home Second Unit Renovation Program'

This program provides funding to homeowners who need to upgrade and legalize their existing second unit.





Brampton Housing advisory Committee

The Brampton Housing Advisory Committee is comprised of housing leaders across the GTA and guides the development and implementation of the City’s Affordable Housing Strategy, including advising the City on best practices and innovative approaches to affordable housing.

Advisory Committee ​​

Our Vision is the long-term goal for our city.

Learn about the 2040 Vision

For more information on Housing Brampton, please contact:

Bindu Shah, Project Lead,
Policy Planner III - City Planning and Design

Jeffrey Humble, Project Manager,
Manager - City Planning and Design