City By-Design Urban Design Awards


Call for Jury now open

The City of Brampton is calling for jury members for the 2022 Brampton City-By Design Urban Design Awards.​

Call for submissions now open

Urban design plays a significant role in enhancing the quality of life in Canadian communities. The City of Brampton is calling for submission for the 2022 Brampton City-By Design Urban Design Awards.​

About the Program

  • The Brampton City By-Design Urban Design Awards acknowledge significant contribution that city builders, urban designers, architects, landscape architects, artists and design students have made to advance Brampton’s 2040 Vision.
  • These awards, given out every two years, recognize innovation, creativity, and design excellence in the delivery of high-quality, sustainable, urban built environment in Brampton. This includes walkable neighbourhoods, public spaces, public realm, buildings, and design visions.

About Brampton

  • In 2018, City Council endorsed the 2040 Vision that transforms Brampton to be a city of transit-oriented communities – a vibrant, urban metropolis comprised of world class, complete, healthy, walkable neighbourhoods that are sustainable, equitable and resilient to climate change.
  • The 2040 Vision envisions Brampton to be a ‘City By-Design,’ a well-designed city that draws international talent, where design excellence is led by City Hall to integrate public interests and serve as a foundation for transformative change.
  • Recognized by UN-Habitat as a leading example of Urban SDG Cities in achieving Sustainable Development Goals, Brampton is a World Health Organization (WHO) designated Age-Friendly City.
  • As one of the fastest growing, most diverse, youngest big cities in Canada, Brampton is growing from 0.7 million to over 1 million population, and represents the 2nd largest GDP in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with growing sectors in innovation, technology, health and life sciences.

Award Categories

  • Walkable Neighbourhood Design
  • Building Design
  • Heritage Restoration Design
  • Public Realm, Public Space and Landscape Design
  • Design Visions or Concept Plans
  • Healthy & Sustainable Design
  • Elements Design
  • Project Communication Design
  • Student Design Project

Refer to the 2022 Brampton City By-Design Urban Design Award Application Form for detailed description of each category.


  • Chair by Ken Greenberg, Strategic Advisor for the City of Brampton, the City By-Design Award Jury is a panel of Urban Visionaries. It is comprised of design industry experts from across Canada and internationally in the fields of Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Planning.
  • Jury selection will be announced in July 2022.

Imp​ortant Dates

Submission Deadline
Friday, July 29, 2022, 11:59 pm EST
Announcement at City-building Gala
November 2022
Exhibition and City By-Design Yearbook
December 2022


  • Application Form can be downloaded here.
  • Submissions to be made via email to,
    Subject: Brampton City By-design Urban Design Awards submission


  • $150 CAD per submission per category. There is no fee for student project submission.
  • One category per submission. Additional categories require separate application form and fee.
  • Refer to 2022 Brampton City By-Design Urban Design Award Application Form, under Applications/Docs for payment information.


  • Design projects must be located within the municipal boundary of the City of Brampton.
  • Adhere to Brampton 2040 Vision and shows excellence and innovation in design.
  • Demonstrate a positive contribution to the public realm and comprehensive, innovative approach to achieving high-quality, sustainable, urban built environment.
  • Have been substantially completed between 2020-2022.
  • Conform with specifications in 2022 Brampton City By-Design Urban Design Award Application Form.

City By-Design: Harnessing The Power of Urban Design

As the imperative to modify our self-destructive practices begins to suggest forms of development inherently more environmentally sustainable, cities (now our dominant place of living) are the crucibles where solutions are found to problems that are otherwise intractable. The environmental thrust is gaining traction and broad popular appeal as a common ground that cuts across class, cultural, and political lines and is rapidly pushing urban design into new areas of investigation. In ways both superficial and profound, this desire for greener more resourceful solutions is giving birth to lower impact lifestyles and new design approaches for city districts as well as individual buildings and landscapes. It augurs: a greater mix and proximity of daily life activities—living, working, shopping, culture, recreation, and leisure; increased walkability, cycling, and transit, and less car dependency; lower energy consumption and alternative energy sources; improved waste management and treatment; and new approaches to storm and wastewater management.

The true test for urban design then becomes to achieve coherence and build relationships but at the same time leave ample room for the emergence of new ideas, market and social innovations, and an expanded creative space for the handoff to the whole array of design disciplines including architecture and landscape architecture and various branches of engineering along with an array of allied disciplines, environmentalists economists, social service provider and artists who will help materialize the plan. Brampton has committed to being a leader in harnessing the power of urban design. The city’s 2040 Vision envisages Brampton to be a ‘City-By-Design’, a well-designed city that draws international talent, where design excellence is led by City Hall to integrate public interests and serve as a foundation for transformative change.

Ken Greenberg, C.M.
Strategic Advisor, City of Brampton
Principal, Greenberg Consultants

map of transit-oriented community plan ​​

Our Vision is the long-term goal for our city.

Learn about the 2040 Vision

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Urban Design Section, City Planning and Design Division
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