2023 Brampton Urban Design Awards Application

How to Submit your application:

All applicants are required to submit project information and materials online via the following form below.

After you submit your application online, you will not be able to edit any information. Please ensure your application is filled out to the best of your ability and reviewed prior to submitting.

Upon submittal of your online application, the Awards committee will review your eligibility and contact the Main Contact via e-mail to with instructions to pay the Entry fee. Please ensure your contact information is accurate. This entry fee is not applicable to student entries.

Only when applicants have submitted their information online and paid the entry fee will their application be deemed successfully submitted to the Brampton Urban Design Awards.​​​​​​​


Please ensure you complete your application prior to the submission deadline. This includes both the application form and payment. It is strongly suggested you apply prior to the deadline to allow ample time for the Awards Committee to review your application and process your payment. All payments and entries received after the application deadline will not be accepted.

More information with regards to the submission requirements can be found in the Application Info Package.​