TTMP Final Report

TTMP final report


Appendix A                 Public Consultation Records

                                   A1 Public Information Centre #1 and Mayor's Town Hall Meeting, October 23, 2004

                                   A2 PIC #1 Response Summary

                                   A3 Public Information Centre #2 and Mayor's Town Hall Meeting, May 14, 2003

                                   A4 PIC #2 Response Summary

                                   A5 Public Information Centre #3, April 28, 2004

                                   A6 PIC #3 Response Summary

                                   A7 Transit Focus Group Summary and Analysis, April 2003

Appendix B                 Existing Traffic Data and Volume/Capacity Calculations       

Appendix C          

 "Options For The Strategic Transportation Direction" Discussion Paper

Appendix D                 Land Use Data

                                D1 Employment Forecasts 2001-2031

                                D2 Population Forecasts (mid-year) 2001-2031

Appendix E                 EMME/2 Model Forecasts: Horizon Years Link Volumes & V/C Calculations

                                  E1 EMME/2 Model Zone Grouping

                                  E2 Methodology for calculating volume to capacity (V/C) ratios

                                  E3 V/C Table with Programmed and Recommended Improvements 

                                  E4 V/C Table with Programmed and Recommended Improvements Including Transit Adjustment  

                                  E5 TTMP EMME/2 Model Calibration

Appendix F                Study For Transportations For Persons With Disabilities Recommended Plan & Implementation Strategy Report

Appendix G                Policy Papers

                                  Policy Paper 1 - Pedestrians & Cycling

                                  Policy Paper 2 - Transportation System Management & Intelligent Transportation Systems

                                  Policy Paper 3 - Goods Movement & The Economy

Appendix H               Short-Term Action Plan Discussion Paper



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