​​​​​​​​M​ount Pleasant Village is a transit-oriented development (TOD) located in the northwest area of Brampton, around the new Mount Pleasant GO commuter train station on the inter-city rail line connecting Toronto with Georgetown, Guelph and Kitchener. Mount Pleasant acts as a mobility hub connecting inter-regional GO service (rail and bus) with Brampton local transit, including the upcoming Züm bus rapid service along Bovaird and the new bus service to the communities being developed to the north.

Mount Pleasant Village is the centre of the large Mount Pleasant Community (1000 ha/2200 acres) being developed currently which features extensive environmental restoration, a complex urban structure with mixed-use nodes along a strong transit spine, connecting a series of complete neighbourhoods, with a variety of transit supportive built forms with urban character.

Mount Pleasant Village is an “ur​ban transit village”, a new neighbourh​ood developed around and based on transit and active transportation. The Village, square and amenities are highly walkable and also has significant features in support of other active transportation forms such as cycling.

The Village is centred around a landmark public amenity complex – a cultural and education centre including a community centre located within a reconstructed Brampton train station (the former downtown CPR station), a library and a two-storey elementary school sharing facilities with the library and community centre. At the heart of the Village is the public square framed by a three-storey row of live-work units that are accommodating commercial and service space.

Urban and liveable, sustainable and healthy, innovative in many aspects, focused around tran​sit, compact and walkable, with a strong character, Mount Pleasant Village represents the new face of greenfield development in Ontario and it is a demonstration of Brampton’s work for smarter growth, sustainable and liveable development for quality urban design.​​

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