Heart Lake Road Corridor Study

Heart Lake & Countryside DrThe Function and Design Review of the Heart Lake Road Corridor study will examine the long term infrastructure requirements along Heart Lake Road needed to accommodate future transportation demand and adjacent land use development, while preserving the unique environmental and cultural character of the road.

The focus of this study is Heart Lake Road between Sandalwood Parkway to a point just north of Mayfield Road and will deliver on the following objectives:

  1. Assess the feasibility of preserving the existing rural/cultural landscape character of Heart Lake Road given its Official Plan designation (as a Minor Arterial Road) and relevant Secondary Plan policies.
  2. Assess the current roadway structure and long-term function of Heart Lake Road with the intent of identifying opportunities to safely accommodate active transportation, while meeting other transportation demands.
  3. Review the roadway operational mitigating measures that have been implemented with the intent to preserve and enhance the unique cultural heritage landscape and existing wildlife habitat along Heart Lake Road (i.e. naturalization, natural area/wildlife signage, road closures for seasonal migration periods and monitoring) and recommend improvements/enhancements.
  4. Review the road infrastructure improvements planned along Heart Lake Road which are intended to deter wildlife from crossing the road (i.e. wildlife eco-passage culvert and wildlife fencing) and recommend additional measures to enhance the proposed works.
  5. Examine the implications on land use, development, and transportation of listing Heart Lake Road under the Ontario Heritage Act as a Cultural Heritage Landscape and make appropriate recommendations.

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Project Contacts

  • Nelson Cadete
  • Project Manager, Active Transportation
  • Planning & Development Services
  • City of Brampton
  • 2 Wellington Street West
  • Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2
  • Phone: 905-874-2552
  • nelson.cadete@brampton.ca
  • Francois Tomeo, P. Eng., GDBA
  • Project Manager
  • Transportation Planning & Traffic Engineering
  • Stantec Consulting Ltd.
  • 300-49 Bathurst Street
  • Toronto, ON M5V 2P2
  • Phone: 416-598-6685
  • francois.tomeo@stantec.com