Region of Peel Incentive Program

The Region of Peel Affordable Rental Incentives Program (PARIP) has been developed as part of the implementation of Peel's Housing and Homelessness Plan, 2018-2028; specifically Strategy Three: Provide Incentives to Build Affordable Housing. Strategy Three focuses on coordinating land use planning tools and incentives to increase affordable housing developed by the private and non-profit sectors. PARIP is designed to provide capital grants to successful applicants to support the development of new middle income affordable rental housing in Peel.

Brampton’s participation in the Region of Peel’s Rental Incentive Program will incentivize development of affordable purpose-built rental housing with mid to large sized units, for moderate-income households. Brampton has an opportunity to add its own incentives (on top of the Region’s capital grants) as a stacking option such as through Brampton's Housing Catalyst Capital Project or the upcoming Community Improvement Plan. This can provide funding to create additional affordable units in program.

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Peel Affordable Rental Incentives Program


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