Missing Middle Housing Study (Prepared for the CMHC Challenge Project)

Brampton’s missing middle housing solution proposes a collaborative approach to affordable, safe, well-designed house-scale infill. The City is aiming to strategically enable certain forms of missing middle housing, including lodging houses, triplexes, fourplexes and very small projects of low rise/low density apartments or townhouses, within Brampton’s low density residential neighborhoods.

As part of CMHC’s Housing Supply Challenge, the City of Brampton was chosen to receive funding to develop and implement this project plan to reduce barriers to affordable housing supply in Brampton. The incubation funding awarded in October 2021 was used to undertake research and analysis, refine the project proposal, and develop an implementation plan to increase the supply of affordable rental units in the city through gentle densification in built-up areas of Brampton.

Alongside our project partners listed below, the City completed the following project components to date:

  • Opticos Design: A detailed gentle densification assessment for 2 sample neighborhoods in Brampton.
  • Cascadia Partners: Development of a pro-forma analysis tool for selected missing middle densification scenarios.
  • Melissa Goldstein: Research and analysis of methods for ensuring and preserving housing affordability in low-density intensification.
  • ConveneTO, Indus Community Services, and Punjabi Community Health Services: Preparation of a comprehensive community outreach and engagement plan.

Further analysis and project implementation will compose of public engagement; an analysis of the city’s existing context and infrastructure in order to direct thoughtful and strategic infill; and the expansion of financial incentives and zoning permissions which restrict appropriate gentle densification.

Stay tuned - we will continue to provide project updates and upcoming public event dates on this webpage.



Contact Information

Anand Balram
Manager, Official Plan and Growth Management
City Planning and Design

Henrik Zbogar
City Planning & Design