Brampton Housing Catalyst Capital Project


The Brampton Housing Catalyst Capital Project is a deliverable of the City’s housing strategy “Housing Brampton”. It addresses two of the six principles that will guide the City’s response to housing needs; ‘Collaborate with the non-profit sector’ and ‘Demonstrate innovation’. It also addresses a number of key action items identified under the ‘Big Moves’ in the strategy. Moreover, it is a deliverable of the action item ‘A framework of incentives’.

About the program

Housing Brampton proposes a number of innovative approaches and pilot projects to demonstrate new housing solutions. The ‘Housing Catalyst Capital Project’ will deliver capital funding and support non-profits in the delivery of new housing ideas for Brampton. This will assist non-profits in upfront costs associated with technical studies, design, etc.

Project Vision

The Housing Catalyst Capital Project will help incentivise ideas around new and innovative housing options. The intent is that these pilots will inspire others and help the City establish required policy and other mechanisms to facilitate continued innovation.

Project Scope

Housing Brampton has identified opportunity areas for ideas, partnership approaches and community co-design. The Housing Catalyst Capital Project will call for applications through an Expression of Interest, with a defined project selection criteria.

A total of $4M has been earmarked through the City’s 2021 budget for Phase 1 of the Catalyst Project. This fund will be dispersed among a maximum of 4 applications that are evaluated and selected based on a competitive process.

The Phase 2 of the Catalyst Project will seek funding of an additional $4M through the 2023 Budget process. A separate EOI for Phase 2 will be posted in 2023.

A ‘Selection Committee’ comprising of City and external housing experts will evaluate the proposals.

Successful applicants will be the first to participate in this innovative program.


​​Pilot ideas that will be incentivised in Phase 1 are:
  1. Single Room Occupancy housing (SROs): purpose-built affordable rental housing for singles (students, newcomers, seniors); preferably through modular construction methodology
  2. Affordable home ownership options: housing for First-Time Buyers (FTB) and marginalized people through various unique home equity models, land lease and others
  3. Affordable house-scale infill: ensuring affordable units are obtained in missing middle infill housing through mechanisms such as funding, land trusts, co-operatives or partnerships with other institutions
  4. Flexible and incremental design approaches: higher density multi-unit housing with innovative designs – eg. flexible floor layouts that offer ‘bays’ that can be purchased over time to match unit size as household size increases

Applicants will be able to stack other incentives from senior levels of government on the City’s grants. The pilot ideas also align with the intent of recent provincial initiatives in housing.

Selection Criteria /Eligibility requirements:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our Vision is the long-term goal for our city.

Learn about the 2040 Vision

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