​​​​Regional Councillor John Sanderson and City Councillor Bob Callahan organized and attended the meeting. Other attendees included Kyle Seeback, Brampton West M.P.; Ian Newman, Chief of Staff, Mayor’s office; Lynn Bell, Administrative Assistant, Councillor’s office; Dan Kraszewski, Director, Development Services, Planning, Design & Development; and Jeffrey Sondic, Project Manager, Site Plans (ICI), Planning, Design & Development. The meeting focused on a presentation by the City’s Planning, Design & Development office which provided an overview of the telecommunication tower review process and the current status of the tower proposal. To date, the City of Brampton has not received a preliminary consultation application for a telecommunication tower at this location. Planning staff has contacted Bell Mobility Inc. and has provided a letter indicating that the City would not be in a position to support this proposal if a formal application is ultimately submitted. It was clearly noted that final approval authority lies with Industry Canada who regulates and authorizes radiocommunication and antenna system facilities in Canada. Following the presentation, residents had an opportunity to take part in a Question & Answer forum.

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