​​The Springbrook Settlement Area is located within the Credit Valley Secondary Plan, more specifically at the intersection of Queen Street and Creditview Road and covers an area of approximately 12.5 hectares (31 acres).

On October 28, 2020, City Council adopted a modified Tertiary Plan for the Springbrook Area. At the request of Planning Committee, properties located along the Queen Street West frontage have been removed from the Tertiary Plan boundaries and will be subject to a separate review to identify opportunities for higher density development. Properties that have been excluded from the Springbrook Tertiary Plan continue to be designated as “Springbrook Settlement Area” in the Credit Valley Secondary Plan.

See the Notice of Adoption​ for Official Plan Amendment 2006-191, implementing the “Springbrook Tertiary Plan”.

Springbrook Tertiary Plan:



In August 2005, Council adopted a resolution regarding the Sub-Area 2 Block Plan (Springbrook Executive Community) in the Credit Valley Secondary Plan Area. The resolution stated that prior to final block plan approval the City of Brampton will initiate a study for the Springbrook Settlement Area.

In 2007, the City retained a consultant team led by Bogdan Newman Caranci Inc. to undertake the Springbrook Settlement Area Study; however, the study was paused in 2008 to deal with issues related to the widening of Queen Street and the potential presence of Redside Dace in Springbrook Creek.

In 2018, the City resumed the study and retained WSP Canada Group Ltd. to develop a tertiary plan for the settlement area.

The Springbrook Tertiary Plan Report, prepared by WSP Canada Inc. on behalf of the City was presented to Planning and Development Committee on January 28, 2019. The report provides an overall planning vision for the settlement area, and guiding principles to be established as part of the Tertiary Plan process.

The staff report presented to the October 5th, 2020 Planning and Development Committee meeting recommending approval of the Springbrook Settlement Area Tertiary Plan was referred back to staff in order to identify how additional densities could be required along the Queen Street Corridor.


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