Brampton’s parks and open spaces provide opportunities and facilities for residents to participate in physical and social activities, while enjoying nature. Shade structures are one of the amenities often added to a park to contribute to overall enjoyment of park patrons. Shade structures provide a number of benefits:

  • Opportunities for users to rest in a sheltered environment
  • Relief from the heat and glare of the summer sun
  • “Open” design allows for air ventilation
  • A convenient seating option for residents and parents to watch over their children when located near a playground

Shade structures are not designed, nor intended, to protect park users from weather element/conditions.

 Locational Criteria

In recent years, the demand for shade structures has increased. As a result, the City of Brampton has adopted locational criteria to assist in assessing requests, managing demand and ensuring structures are located properly.

 New Requests

Requests for new shade structures in existing parks can be directed to Park Planning & Development Section by emailing


If a location is deemed suitable under the approved Locational Criteria, staff will use approved Implementation Protocols to incorporate the shade structure into the park. The protocols require that the City:
  • Conduct a survey of the surrounding neighbourhood to gauge public support
  • Review results with area Councillors
  • If 'yes', then seek funding through Capital Budget process and proceed to implement, after funding approval
  • If 'no', advise requestor(s) of decision

 Types of Shade Structures

Minor Shade Structure

Small square (20' x 20')

Typically used in Neighbourhood Parks

Intermediate Shade Structure

Medium Rectangle (20' x 32')

Typically used in larger Neighbourhood Parks and Community Parks​

Major Shade Structure

Large Rectangle (20' x 40')

Typically used in Community and City Parks


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