Property Standards

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The Property Standards section is responsible for the enforcement of private property offences, in order to ensure residents maintain their properties. The section is composed of 20 officers, of which 4 are assigned to the Second Unit Task Force. During the summer months, post-secondary students are hired as Summer Inspectors to address excess grass and weed growth, as well as waste-related complaints.​

Second Unit Task Force

In July 2018, the Second Unit Task Force was launched to assist with the investigation of illegal dwelling units in multi-unit houses and lodging houses, in order to ensure by-laws and relevant codes are followed. The Task Force is comprised of members from the Enforcement Division, Building Division and Fire Prevention team. The goal of this collaborative effort is to ensure safety standards are met, as well as the well-being of residents in these homes.​​​​


The Zoning By-law defines a driveway and regulates dimensions in order to maintain proper drainage and appropriate community standards.

Garbage and Debris

The City of Brampton regulates proper disposal of garbage and debris, as well as proper storage of Peel Region waste carts and other containers.

Home Maintenance (Exterior)

Buildings (including dwellings) need to be structurally sound, in good working order and maintained appropriately.

Home Maintenance (Interior)

Living accommodations provided by property owners/landlords need to be in good working order and maintained appropriately.

Home Occupations

The Zoning By-law regulates home occupations in order to maintain the quality and safety of the City's residential neighbourhoods.

Sheds and Accessory Structures

The Zoning By-law regulates accessory buildings and structures with regards to the number permitted, location and dimensions.

Trailers, Boats and Recreational Vehicles

The Zoning By-law regulates outdoor storage of trailers and recreational vehicles in order to uphold community standards.

Vital Services

The Vital Services By-law outlines the responsibility to provide tenants with adequate and suitable heat, supply of water, fuel, electricity and gas.

Yard Maintenance

Properties need to be maintained in a clean and tidy state, free from unsightly and hazardous conditions, to uphold safety and community standards.

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By-law Enforcement, Property Standards and Licensing Divisions
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