Garbage and Debris

Region of Peel waste carts

Waste carts (for garbage, recycling and organics) provided by the Region of Peel are not permitted to be stored in the front yard facing a street. They must be stored in the garage, side yard between houses, or back yard.

However, some residents (primarily those who live in townhouses) face space constraints due to single-car driveway and garage, no side yard, and no access to the rear yard other than through the house. In such properties, if the garage is required for car parking, and there is no other available space, residents may be permitted to store waste carts in the front yard adjacent to the building.
To report improper storage of waste carts, call 311 or use the PingStreet app’s “Report a Problem” feature.




Weekly Waste Removal

Place your garbage and recyclable material (blue box, green bin and yard waste) at the curb no later than 7 am on your scheduled collection day, and no earlier than 7 pm the night before. Remove empty containers or waste not collected from the curb by 8 pm on your collection day. For more information, visit

Garbage and debris

Garbage and debris including animal waste, leaves and weeds – are unsightly and can be a health and safety hazard. Help create a safe and attractive environment for everyone by clearing garbage and debris from your property. This includes but is not limited to:

  • garbage bags
  • animal waste
  • graffiti
  • parts of vehicles including tires
  • discarded furniture, appliances, machinery, barbeques

If a property is not kept clear of garbage and debris (including graffiti) the City may issue an Order to Comply ordering that it be removed. The City will re-inspect and if it is not removed, will arrange for a contractor to remove the debris, charging back the costs to the property owner Minimum Maintenance (Property Standards) By-law (104-96) and Refuse By-law (165-2011). Costs plus administrative fees will be added directly to the owner’s property taxes.

Garbage receptacles other than bags shall be maintained in a clean state and not be stored in a yard facing a street. This includes open porches and balconies. Minimum Maintenance (Property Standards) By-law (104-96)



Outdoor Storage

Firewood, building materials and garden equipment should be stored neatly in your side yard or rear yard and not visible from the street. Minimum Maintenance (Property Standards) By-law (104-96)

To make a complaint about Property Standards, call 311 if you are in Brampton, 905.458.3424 from anywhere or email​​​​