“Encroachment” means the placement or extension of a structure or object onto land owned by the City. It can include walls, fences, or plantings, sports equipment and/or landscaping that has been installed on and which may enclose City land.

Unauthorized encroachments can be a safety hazard for pedestrians (trip hazard) and drivers (block visibility). They can also block access to underground utilities or interfere with road maintenance and operations (snow removal).

Encroachments can occur at the front, side or behind a property on parkland, or within the street right-of-way, and are not authorized under the Parklands By-law and the Boulevard Maintenance and Highway Obstruction By-law.

Examples of an encroachment:

  • Extending a back yard beyond the property line into a park (with a garden, shed, fence, sports equipment, etc.)
  • Building a fence, planting trees and bushes, or installing raised gardens, raised curbs, or permanent sports equipment, etc. on the boulevard in a front yard

Encroachment agreement

An encroachment on to parkland and public open space is not permitted. An encroachment on to a boulevard may be permitted if:

  • an Encroachment Agreement is filled out and all terms and conditions have been complied with
  • the encroachment does not pose any safety and/or operational concerns
  • all stakeholders have given their approval (examples include fences or landscaping)

Property owners can get more information and seek approval for Encroachment Agreements by calling 905.874.2131. An encroachment may be permitted subject to the fees, terms and conditions of an Encroachment Agreement.

For more information, please download the Encroachments brochure, available in English, French, Punjabi, Urdu and Gujurati.

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