Yard Maintenance

The City wants to ensure that residents maintain their neighbourhoods.

Be a good neighbour by preventing unsightly or hazardous conditions.


Trees, Grass and Standing Water:

  • Remove dead, decayed or damaged trees. Maintain trees and hedges to avoid overgrowth that may affect safety and visibility or block the public from walking on the sidewalk beside your house.
  • Store firewood, building materials and garden equipment neatly in your backyard so it's not visible from the street.
  • Cut grass and weeds regularly to ensure they don’t grow higher than 20 cm (8 inches). If you don’t cut your grass and weeds, the City will cut them at your expense at a cost of approximately $313.
  • Do not park on landscaping. Keep your property free from holes, ruts and excavations.
  • Remove standing water from your property. Standing water often accumulates in children’s toys and pools, buckets, unopened pools and pool covers. It can attract mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile and other viruses.
  • A City bylaw protects trees on private property. Before you remove any trees from your property, please contact the Parks Maintenance and Operations Division at 905.874.2906.


Inoperable Car:

The City does not allow you to store cars on residential property that don’t work or someone has abandoned. Twice each year, the City's Enforcement team looks for these vehicles and issues orders to the property owners to remove or repair them. The City's Enforcement team also responds when people complain about these vehicles. If you don’t remove these vehicles after the City has ordered you to do so, the City will remove them at your expense. The City may also prosecute you, which may result in a court requiring you to pay both a fine and the City’s cost of removing the vehicles.


Additions to Your Home:

Before you build an addition, deck, shed or fence, or attach anything to your home, visit building permits.