​The regulation and prohibition of fireworks exists to promote the safety of all City of Brampton residents and visitors, as well as to uphold community standards.

​Prohibited Fireworks

All fireworks are prohibited in Brampton. The ban includes the use, sale, offer, display, purchase, distribution, possession and discharge of any fireworks or explosives within the City.   

Fireworks include but are not limited to consumer fireworks (such as sparklers, roman candles, fountains, ground spinners, burning school houses), display fireworks (such as rockets, bombshells, maroons), and prohibited fireworks (such as flying lanterns, cherry bombs, M-80s, flash bombs).  

​Purpose of the Fireworks Ban

​Safety is the top priority for the City of Brampton. A ban on fireworks:

  • ​mitigates the risk of fires, injury and property damage
  • reduces air pollution and debris
  • reduces excessive noise
  • protects animal habitats


The fines for failing to comply are as follows:

  • Discharge or in possession of fireworks without permit: $500.00
  • Sell, distribute, display or offer for sale fireworks: $1,000.00
  • Permit, allow or cause to be set off fireworks on private property without permit: $500.00
  • Fail to comply with an order: $1,000.00

​The City may also, at its discretion, issue a summons requiring an individual to attend court, where fines could range from a minimum of $500.00 to a maximum of $100,000.00.

*When fireworks are discharged from a private property, the property owner is deemed to have permitted, allowed or caused their use, and may face charges associated with the offence.​​​


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