Building Division
Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Highrise Residential Projects Welcome to the ICI permits site. The following information has been designed for owners, tenants and members of the professional building and development industry wishing to obtain a building permit.


If you would like to schedule an appointment to review the approvals process for your project or if you need additional information, please feel free to contact us by calling 905-874-2401 or e-mail us at building.inquiries@brampton.ca.

Approval Process Guide for ICI and Highrise Residential Construction Projects

Step 1Check the Zone Provisions

The City's zoning by-law governs how a building or parcel of land within the City of Brampton can be used.  There may be limitations to the use of space, building location, parking requirements etc.  Ensure that your proposed use is permitted and that your proposed construction can be accommodated.

Step 2 Check for Other Required Approvals

Approvals from other departments or agencies may be required before the Building Division can accept an application for or issue a building permit.

Step 3 Finding a Qualified Designer

In the province of Ontario, construction and change of use is regulated by the Ontario Building Code.  The Building Code requires that the person or persons who prepare designs and documents for submission of an application for a building permit have certain qualifications.  The Ministry of Municipal Affairs also keeps a record of qualified individuals.  To search the qualifications of your designer, please use the Ministry website.

Step 4 Preparing Your Application

The following application packages contain a checklist and copies of the forms that are required to be filled out in order to submit an application for construction or change of use.

Step 5 Construction Inspections

Once your permit has been issued you may begin construction.  Several stages of the construction must be inspected and passed before you proceed to the next stage.  If the building or use of the building is new, you will require an occupancy permit prior to occupying the space.  For information on the required inspections click please visit the Inspections Page.​​​​​​​​