Grow Green Action Plan

Grow Green Action Plan

The Brampton Grow Green Environmental Master Plan includes an Action Plan that outlines how the City, alongside its partners and the community, will move to achieve the Grow Green environmental objectives, goals, and targets.

The Action Plan identifies corporate (internal) actions, as well as community (external) actions for each core component of People, Air, Water, Land, Energy and Waste. Click on the icons below to review the actions for each of these core component.


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Thanks for Helping Prioritize Our Environmental Efforts

The Brampton Grow Green EMP Action Plan and Metric Refresh survey is now closed. Thank you to all who participated - your input will help prioritize the Action Plan.

​We Are Updating the Grow Green Action Plan!

In 2014, the City of Brampton released Brampton Grow Green, the City’s first Environmental Master Plan. 
Brampton Grow Green established a comprehensive framework to improve Brampton’s environmental performance, and includes goals and actions organized around the themes of People, Air, Water, Land, Energy, and Waste.

Brampton Grow Green, like other master plans, is a living document that sho
uld be regularly updated to ensure it remains current, relevant, and reflective of the City’s evolving environmental priorities and ambitions.


Our residents made it clear during the Brampton 2040 Vision process that they want this city to be a leader in environmental sustainability, and provided great ideas for how to get there. Based on this input, as well as research, benchmarking, interviews, and knowledge garnered from the first few years of implementation we are preparing an update to EMP Action Plan, and need your help prioritizing the new 5 year action plan! 


What Are the Focus Areas of the Proposed New Action Plan?